Bruce Carey Restaurants define a sophistication where the artistry in the kitchen as well as the talented, knowing service are as integral to the experience as the sound, scent, and art that combine to make a meal at each a true dining event. From the sleek, modern spaces by Brad Cloepfil’s Allied Works and Holst Architecture to the highest-quality fresh local products used and the carefully selected wine and spirits, no detail of the diner’s experience – aesthetic or culinary – is overlooked.

Oregon native Bruce Carey has a masters degree in the visual arts as well as an enviable restaurant pedigree including stints at San Francisco’s Zuni Café and Fog City Diner. In 1990, Carey opened Zefiro with celebrated restaurateurs Monique Siu and Christopher Israel. Zefiro, with a fresh, ingredient-driven, pan-Mediterranean menu had a phenomenal 10-year run and is still a benchmark against which Portland restaurants are compared.

Carey’s current restaurants are as diverse as the Rose City itself. The elegant and exceptionally modern Bluehour in the Pearl District with its Modern-Mediterranean menu; Saucebox (since 1995), downtown, with Portland’s best cocktails, DJ culture, and a healthy, modern Pan-Asian menu; and the gastro-pub vibe of 23Hoyt (opened in 2006) where the smart, casual, and familiar menu gives definition to “A New American Tavern”; and Clarklewis (aquired in 2007) which established and still maintains Portland’s unique Farm-to-Table philosophy, all bear the BCR hallmark of warm hospitality, quality, value and sophistication.

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